Site Notes & How to Use Them

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‘Site Notes” is the area where you can truly PERSONALISE your quote. Here you can enter anything that doesn’t involve an included cost (Remember: that is done in ‘Special Items’).

How To:
1. Open Quote
2. Select ‘Site Notes’
3. Select ‘Add Note without Photo’
4. Enter your description which could be about any of the following:
a. Start Time on site
b. Specific site instructions for your Team on site
c. Materials explanation.
d. Process of works explanation.
e. Basic Scope of works.
f. Colour information
g. …anything else which may help you prove to your potential Client that YOU UNDERSTAND the job they want.

How it works:
• You enter the note SCREENSHOT 1
• The Note will appear on the Customers Quote in the Additional Details section SCREENSHOT 2
• The Note will appear on the Job Specification Sheet for your site team to see SCREENSHOT 3

See Screenshots in Site Notes & How to Use Them

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